Member Spotlight on MacGillis Insurance

MacGillis Insurance was built by family and will make you feel like family. This local insurance agency, started by James “JJ” MacGillis, has been in the family for three generations, and continues to build a business and maintain a staff where solid, long-term relationships built on trust and dependability are the priority.

JJ started his independent insurance company in Cudahy Towers in downtown Milwaukee back in 1963, incorporating in 1964. The office moved to Wauwatosa, then Brookfield, before MacGillis Insurance built its current office on County Highway H in Fredonia in 2013.

His son Patrick eventually joined the company, as did Patrick’s wife, Jan. Their son, Brian, is also part of the team, marking the third generation of MacGillis’ to run the family business. About a decade ago, they paired up with Degnitz Insurance, another family-run agency. MacGillis currently staffs 11 employees who are all licensed agents providing a total of more than 200 years of experience. Patrick alone provides more than 50 of those years.

“It’s really wonderful to have that heritage of people to call on,” says Jan.

It is important to the staff to have its own brick and mortar office in the community. It’s not in a strip mall, and it’s not an agency out in Milwaukee. It’s a small, local business where customers can rest assured the staff is committed to caring for them.

Dedication to service is what makes MacGillis Insurance truly special. When you call MacGillis, you are assigned one person who will always take care of you whether you are just getting started or renewing your policies. MacGillis writes policies for individual and commercial insurances of all kinds. They maintain relationships with more than 20 different companies, some of those relationships dating back almost 60 years, and the knowledge to select the policy amongst those companies that is best for each individual situation.

Sales agent Ryan Bedroske says that many people who come in for a quote just hand over their existing policy information, saying, 'here’s my stuff.’

"There’s a trust, a comfort, an integrity. They know that we will take good care of them.”

Staff realizes that getting insurance quotes can feel overwhelming but, as Jan explains, “We make it really easy… we do a lot of education and explain the options.”

Bedroske adds, “As consumers, we often look at the premium, but it’s good to understand what happens in a time of loss. We help people realize what the insurance company is going to pay for.”

MacGillis agents understand the delicate balance between being sufficiently insured while maintaining reasonable premiums. When doing quotes, they provide an apples to apples comparison to a customer’s current insurance and then provide their recommendation.

But MacGillis agents aren’t just in it for the quick sale.

Bedroske explains, “Our goal is to do what’s best for the customer, looking at longevity… it’s important to us to keep that customer for as long as they’ll be buying insurance.”

Each year, the staff looks at the policy as it comes up for renewal. If premiums go up by 10% or more, they automatically look more closely to see if that policy is still the best fit.

“Our retention rate is amazing here,” says Jan. “Phenomenal. Probably 98%.”

“Because we have the right tools in place, we retain clients.”

Having a quick response time is another point of pride at MacGillis.

“We are consumers, too,” says Bedroske. “We know how it feels when people don’t call back right away. We stay in communication.”

To contact MacGillis, call 262-790-0000, stop by their office at W3934 County Hwy H in Fredonia, or request a quote on their website at

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