Member Spotlight on Jeremy Konczal of Imperium Healthcare

Jeremy Konczal and Anna Gibes

Some people are just born entrepreneurs.  New member of the Belgium Area Chamber of Commerce Jeremy Konczal is one of those people. 

His first job was at just eleven years, old doing landscaping during the summers.  By age 13, he started his first business- an online business drop-shipping headphones to customers from all over the world. 

He did this while working full time all through high school at McDonalds as well as picking up auto body work and landscaping jobs.

“I have always had motivation and drive to do bigger and better things,” he says. “I’ve always wanted to be part of something bigger than myself.”

That drive took him from his childhood home in Germantown, Wis., where he started his first sales job at age 17, making demos and selling seats for the demos for his Dad’s software company. 

Eventually his life’s adventures brought him to an insurance sales position in Chicago, Ill. where he broke company records the first month of employment for selling Medicare supplements.  He realized he wanted to find insurance products that could truly help people, and he decided to venture into owning his own business.

This February, 2020, Konczal started his new business, Imperium Healthcare, with $125, a broken laptop, and a healthy entrepreneurial spirit.  

“My main goal with starting this company is to be able keep things simple and help individuals navigate through Medicare as well as all health insurance.” he explains.

Imperium Healthcare sells private insurance primarily to individuals, but also is licensed for group policies.  He started with three insurance carriers in Illinois in February.  Now, Konczal is already licensed in fifteen states with ten Medicare carriers and three private health insurance carriers.

“We are growing faster than anticipated,” he grinned.

He’s currently gearing up for the AEP, or Annual Enrollment Period, which runs October 15 through December 7, which is the time to enroll in plans starting January 1.

Konczal explains that while he mainly focuses on Medicare, private insurance is great for healthy individuals, families with older kids and teenagers, and small business owners, as anyone making more than $40K per year usually pays a lot on the insurance Marketplace.  He notes that even if you get insurance through your company, it’s still a good idea to explore private insurance.  

Konczal moved to Belgium, Wis. two months ago with his partner, Anna Gibes and 1-year old son.  

“We love that it’s a nice place to raise a family.  We like having all the space, and we feel like we’re at home here.”

He looks forward to getting involved in our community and getting to know others.

Jeremy can be contacted by phone at 312-966-9237, email at, or you can visit his company on Facebook or at

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