Member Spotlight on Gearhead Truck Outfitters in Belgium, Wisconsin

Updated: Mar 30, 2019

If there’s anyone that can rest assured they are doing what they were born to do, it’s John “Buck” Lazore. At the tender age of 6, he was already changing the oil and filters in his Dad’s truck. At age 12 he received his first tool box, and that set him up for the 45 years of experience repairing trucks that got him to where he is today, managing Gearhead Truck Outfitters in Belgium, Wisconsin.

It was just May of last year when Randy Rosbeck, Belgium business owner of RMR Spindle, recognized Lazore’s raw talent and this area’s need for truck accessories and detailing.

Lazore, who was a welder/fabricator by trade, then a truck driver and DOT inspector for Great Lakes Boat transport for 28 years, was working on Rosbeck’s ’68 Chevrolet Chevelle at his home shop, a hobby he had had for as long as he can remember.

Rosbeck recounts the moment Gearhead was born. “I said, ‘Man, Buck. You’re good! You should do this for a living. I have a building. Let’s fill it up.’ We shook hands and that was the end of it.”

Within two months, Gearhead Truck Outfitters was in business. Buck left his home shop behind for a new space attached to RMR Spindle at 660 Park Street in Belgium. It has since become a family effort to run the two neighboring businesses. Rosbeck, his two daughters, Tammy and Sandy, his sister Carol, and Lazore’s wife Lisa all work at RMR Spindle. Buck runs the show at Gearhead.

Gearhead offers a wide variety of services. All vehicles can benefit from basic services, such as oil changes, tire packages, brakes, detailing, and multi-point inspections. Gearhead doesn’t currently offer engine repair work but, Buck says, “we will let people know if we see any problems.”

The bread and butter of Gearhead’s business is the specialty detailing services and truck and Jeep accessories such as liners, mats, mud guards, soft and hard tops for Jeeps, lighting packages and running boards. Rhino Lining, a high performance, spray-on polymer flooring liner, is their most popular product.

“It’s an excellent product,” says Rosbeck. “It will improve the life of your truck bed four-fold.”

“Easily,” confirms Lazore. Lazore has learned that you can “Rhino Line” just about anything- from work boots to dice cups- but most people prefer it to protect against stone chips on the rocker panels of their vehicles, or to line the beds or protect the bumpers of their trucks and jeeps.

BELOW: Gearhead believes in their products and uses them on their own vehicles. Lazore enjoyed refurbishing Rosbeck’s ’57 Chevy pick-up, and his pride in his work, attention to detail, and sheer skill are evident in the beautiful results.

Lazore’s biggest challenge was a 380-pound ranch hand bumper of a Chevy Sierra. It was big, heavy and awkward, and required a hoist to spray. “You’re not going to do this in your back yard,” grinned Lazore.

Customers at Gearhead can expect friendly, knowledgeable service, and Lazore is more than happy to help customers with their selections. “Some people come in and have no idea what they want,” Lazore explains. “I can sit down, show them options online, and help them figure out the best choices for their needs.”

In the future, Lazore hopes to expand the family-run part of the business with the addition of his son, Joe, who would be able to add more transmission and transfer case work to Gearhead’s repertoire. Lazore’s other son, John, is a machinist. Clearly, in Lazore’s case, the apples have not fallen far from the tree. “My boys were raised with tools instead of toys in their hands,” Lazore boasts.

Quotes are always free at Gearhead, and Gearhead has offered a 10% discount to anyone who mentions this article (offer expires May 1st). Gift certificates are also available and make a wonderful and unique option for the upcoming Mother’s Day and Father’s Day holidays or birthdays.

“If you have a question, Buck has the answer,” promises Rosbeck. “Stop in and chat!”

Gearhead can be reached by phone at 262-285-4173 or via email at More info is available on its website: You can also follow Gearhead on Facebook.

BELOW: Another example of the Before and After effects of Rhino Lining, this one on the nerf bars of a pick-up truck.

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