Fredonia Eye Clinic Sees Patients through a New Lens- Member Spotlight on MyEyeDr.

Patients at the Fredonia eye clinic, most recently known as Premier Vision, may have noticed things appeared a little different at this year’s annual eye health exam.

Premier Vision, which has been in business since 1977, originally opened as Fredonia Vision Center. The office took on a new identity this past June when it was purchased by MyEyeDr., a practice management and full eyecare and eyewear company based out of based out of Vienna, Virginia.

Today, MyEyeDr. has over 600 offices throughout the country, and the Fredonia clinic was the second MyEyeDr. office in Wisconsin to be acquired along with the Premier Vision offices in Mequon and Fox Point. MyEyeDr. offers patients a wide selection of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses as well as standard and specialty prescription contact lenses. MyEyeDr. will continue to offer the same excellent customer care and experienced staff that patients have grown to know and trust.

Optometrist Dr. Eric Pedersen has been in the Fredonia office for 21 years, assistant manager Shelly Bell has been a staple of the clinic since 1986. Although manager Cheryl Ebersold has only been at the Fredonia office since 2016, she has been in the business since 1985.

“People come to us because we have five-star reviews,” commented Ebersold. “We care about our patients and people recognize that we care. Not to mention, Dr. Pedersen has a big following; people come from all over to see him.”

Dr. Pedersen graduated from Indiana University, which he attended on scholarship from the U.S. Army. He practiced on active duty in Fort Benning, Georgia for three years where he had a clinic on wheels for the infantry. In 1999, he moved north to Wisconsin, where he rotated clinics between Fox Point, Mequon and Fredonia.

At the time, the Fredonia clinic was located in the basement of the Fredonia medical center on the other side of the town, along with dentists Dr. John and Karla Poth, and a medical practice. In 2008, the staff followed Poth Family Dental to their new building, where MyEyeDr. currently calls home at 120 Martin Drive. In 2017, Dr. Pedersen started working full-time exclusively at the Fredonia clinic.

Aside from the kind, caring and knowledgeable staff, which Ebersold describes as “professional, but not stuffy,” patients are also treated to a full-service clinic. “We’re a comprehensive eye clinic,” says Dr. Pedersen. “We handle everything except major eye surgery.” The staff treats everyone from infants through the elderly and services include everything from eye exams to removing foreign objects from the eye, glaucoma patient care, dry eyes, pre- and post-op care for cataract and Lasik care, and basic fittings for contacts, glasses and sunglasses.

Bell adds, “We also try to stay up to date on the latest technology.” For instance, those who fear the “puff of air” test, used to check for glaucoma, can rest assured that it is a thing of the past at MyEyeDr., which now uses equipment called an Icare-tonometer to measure eye pressure.

Bell has seen the clinic through a great deal of growth. “There were days when I started here that it was just a one-man show,” Bell recalls, thinking of the days when the doctor was not in on a daily basis and she was the clinic’s only staff. MyEyeDr. now boasts a staff of 8, and is looking to hire an additional doctor to meet rising needs.

“Patients will be surprised when they see what we have to offer for a small-town clinic. We have a large selection of different styles of frames and a caring, friendly team,” says Ebersold. “The quality of care and quality products puts us above the rest.”

To make an appointment, call 262-692-9000 or schedule your appointments easily online by visiting us at MyEyeDr. welcomes all insurances and accepts new patients.

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