October 2018 Member Spotlight on Brian and Irene Buechler of Buechler Farms

Brian and Irene are the proud owners and operators of their 2nd generation family farm in Belgium, a village in Eastern Wisconsin- so far east they can see Lake Michigan!

Brian was raised and worked on the farm when it was a dairy farm. His father later decided to get out of dairy and started raising and trucking beef cattle. Brian left farming to venture into starting his own business, Buechler Construction, Inc, a concrete and masonry business, more than 25 years ago. Brian and Irene met right around that time, were married, built a home in Cedar Grove, and had three children. Hunter is 25 and is in the process of taking over Buechler Construction, Inc. Alex is 23 and recently graduated from Concordia University. She is currently looking for work in the social work field. Faith, 19, is currently attending Loyola University in Chicago studying to be a pediatrician.

Irene worked many various jobs over the years so she could stay home with the kids when they were young. Once the kids were all in school, Irene decided to go to nursing school. Irene remains a full-time nurse working at Aurora in the orthopedic department.

After Brian's dad passed away and the farm was up for sale, Brian and Irene decided to take on some new adventures. Hunter bought the Cedar Grove homestead and Brian and Irene bought the farm. They started raising beef cattle so people could purchase home-grown beef. In 2015, they opened up Buechler Farms Pumpkin Patch. They renovated the granary where they now sell food, and vendors display and sell their crafts. The pumpkin farm is open from 10 am - 5 pm on the weekends from the end of September through the end of October. They love spending time with people and love watching families having some good fun on the farm. Irene takes off work during the pumpkin farm season to host school field trips.

"Why not try selling Christmas trees," Brian said. "You love Christmas, Irene." So the next thing they knew, "Not Just a Tree" was born. It was such a big hit, they ran out of Christmas trees after two weeks. The tree farm will open again this year, Thanksgiving weekend through mid-December.

Next, they decide to take on the challenge of hosting special events like the big top circus and a rodeo. Buechler Farms will be hosting the rodeo again next year and the circus in 2020. They are planning on having many more fun events on the farm like birthdays, anniversaries, bands and much more- next May they are even hosting their first prom. The barn is open for rental from May into the fall season.

Now the biggie- what about hosting weddings at the farm? After two years of research, the renovations started and Buechlers are excited to announce that they will be hosting weddings starting in 2019! They have renovated the north and south barn to accommodate up to 450 people for dinner. They've managed to maintain most of the original integrity of the barn, which is over 100 years old, and added indoor plumbing and a beautiful deck off the barn that walks down onto a large patio with an outdoor bar. There is a gorgeous bridal suite on the second floor. Next year's additions will include a pond with a peninsula. There are many wonderful places for couples to exchange their vows including the peninsula if they choose.

Some people tell the Buechlers they should be slowing down at their age, not taking on more work. Irene explains, "Well, when you're passionate about something like we are about the farm, it doesn't feel like work. It feels like home. And we are opening up our home (the farm) for all to come and enjoy it like we do. Where you can come to make memories or cherished family traditions. After all, life is a gift."

"I love forward in my life every day, even if it's only a tiny step, because I know that great things are accomplished with tiny moves, but nothing is accomplished by standing still." - Zig Ziglar

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